Over 25,000 women to put forward specific demand to political parties in Raichur: Vimukti Pothnal

On 29th Sunday October, 2017 massive awareness rally was organized at APMC Gunj premises, Raichur with the collaboration of 34 likeminded NGO forum. In the rally 18 district women representatives were present for this protest rally. Women protest against liquor ban in entire Karnataka holding placards and banners in the rally. The protestors were also chanting slogans against alcohol consumption and demanding government to put complete ban on alcohol and made a specific demand to political parties to include prohibition in their manifestos saying “Our vote is for those who implement prohibition”. During the rally political representatives were called (Congress, BGP, and JDS) and memorandums were submitted to make Karnataka as NASHA MUKT Karnataka.

To expand the support base, the organizations have been making efforts to rope in religious heads with influence in the region. Medha Patkar, a leader of Nasha Muka Bharat Movement was the speaker of the day. She said in her speech “Alcoholism is more serious than unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and other problems. It’s spoiling peace in families and pushing them to impoverishment. It’s also weakening people’s movement for livelihood and rights that we had built years of hardships. Further she said a hardship caused by alcoholism was pushing victims, particularly women, to the movement. Drinking is considered a social evil in traditional India, and women have been at the forefront of the fight against alcohol abuse as many marriages and families have been blighted by drunkards. Nearly 25,000 women benefited and actively participated in this protest rally.

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