Art and craft workshop held for our sponsored children: Vimukti Pothnal

There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment; the ability to be creative, to create something expressing personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture children's emotional health. Creativity fosters mental growth as well by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. At Vimukti, we provide a creative environment as a complement to the integral education system at the school. Through creative arts we aspire to develop aesthetic sense in our sponsored children and give them a platform where they are able to express themselves freely. Our ultimate objective is to help identify in each child their full potential and bring out their best. Each child is given a chance to develop at his her own pace.

With the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons, France Vimukti organized workshop to our sponsored children at Vimukti premises on 21st to 22nd October, 2017. The kids enjoyed to the full the workshop with learning beautiful craft and art work. They learnt different skills like rolling and cutting papers, gluing pieces together, most importantly the skill of cooperating and collaborating with each other. For about 55 children made masks from paper, so also plates, paper pulp, balloons, flowers and caps. Mr. Anthony Module was the resource person for the two days, gave them a demonstration on landscape, drawing and painting, He also taught the kids as on how to derive at different colors from the six basic colors. In the second session children were introduced and taught how to draw a cartoon character using different forms and how to fill color in to it. Secondly children made cartoon faces using different alphabets. They also learnt of making cartoon faces with different expressions with different forms. Art and Crafts at Vimukti helped the children develop an appreciation of beauty and perfection in their own work and in the work of others. The creative workshop gave the children a sense of fulfillment and achievement and self- confidence in their ability to be creative. Vimukti strongly believes creative activities are outlet of expression that can help staff learn more about what a child may be thinking or feeling. Creative activities help acknowledge and celebrate children’s uniqueness and diversity and offer excellent opportunities to personalize teaching in order to focus on each child. Creative activities have helped our sponsor children to develop patience and concentration and given opportunists for freedom of expression. Thus we can say our sponsored children enjoyed the two days workshop to the full and benefited to the maximum from this workshop.

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