Social Audit as a participatory Monitoring Tool; held at Utaknoor Gram Panchyath: Vimukti Pothnal

The VCT Staff created lot of awareness among households, families and communities regarding social audit and its implications. The continues efforts of VCT staff bore fruits on 12th October 2017, concerned authority were called for a meeting to discuss the issues pertaining NREGA work. Pocket leaders and people gathered, protested that all the work under NREGA has been done through machines and also the amount is not utilized rightly.

As a result People gathered demanded the concerned authority to stop this malpractice and to allow the people to work and to get maximum benefit from this scheme. LM staff requested the concerned authority who was present, to ensure accountability, that the outcomes or results along with proof must be made public and must be discussed in the open forum. The meeting was held in public place, after the long discussion regarding various schemes and projects of the Panchayath, Action plan was drawn for the next six months. Local people highly appreciated the LM staff for their initiatives and commitment in this task. They expressed saying “This kind of meetings was held first time in our Panchyath”.

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