Rally on Awareness and prevention of Epidemic diseases: Vimukti Pothnal

With the aim of combating deadly disease dengue, Devipura schoolchildren on 7th September, 2017 participated in an awareness rally organized by the Vimukti in collaboration with the Health Department Manvi. The rally passed through the main localities of the village. Vimukti parliament members along with other children flagged off the rally through the main localities of the village. the rally consist of children parliament members, staff, teachers, health officers, and staff Nurse passed through the main thoroughfare of the village and surrounding area with carrying placards bearing message on prevention and control of viral diseases besides distributing pamphlets to the public. Parliament children requested the Panchyath members to spraying of insecticides in all the open places and places where water is found logging to destroy the larvae of the mosquitoes. Concerned authority gave in writing saying with next week 15 sprayers and eight hand fogging machines and one auto mounted fog machine will be purchased for undertaking fogging in all localities of the village. Panchyath president informed that the civic body has been attending to the disposal of all garbage from every nook and corner of the village to ensure cleanliness. . The rally ended with the participants taking a vow to keep their surroundings clean and prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.

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