Case study : “I want to be independent at any cost with all my Endeavors”

Amaresha was born in the year 1998 in a very poor family as the youngest among the five children. His father was addicted to alcohol and five years ago was succumbed to death. His mother with her meager source of income struggled to support the family.

Amaresha was also born with cerebral palsy and at the young age a sudden accident worsened his condition later. It took five years to get healed fully and come back to normal life. With the support of vimukti trust and his mother’s constant love, care and support he finished his P.U.C. He then decided to find some work to help the family. Vimukti provided him free Computer course and helped him to begin a small grocery shop in his own village. But it didn’t work out as he thought, later he migrated to Bangaluru where he joined in to mobile center. There he was assigned to as a cashier. He could do it sticking to one place. He earns sum of Rs.6000/- which is quite a big amount for him.

He does not depend much on his parents and relatives for his day-to-day life. He feels more confident now. Those who ridiculed him earlier, treat him now with respect and admiration. His mother and others relatives feel proud to see him progressing in his life and they all hope that he will further succeed in his life.

“My aim is to continue the present job through which I will improve my fine motor skills. I will update my skills and make effort to get a better job to help my family. By all means I want to be independent in all my endeavors”, says Amaresh.

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