One Tree for One Child (maguvige ondu mara):

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree” – Martin Luther King
Vimukti charitable trust® joined hands with the stakeholders in the project area to help reduce carbon footprint by planting native trees best known for their properties of purifying the polluted atmosphere and providing a clean and healthy environment; ‘Maguvige ondu Mara’, a novel method of introducing awareness among children in their young age to cultivate the habit of nurturing and protecting plants. Each child is given saplings and asked to take oath that, they as future custodians would take responsibility of preserving plants. This program targets learners in years1 and 2 with a view that he/ she will nurture the trees as he/ she continues his elementary education. The idea is to create a bond between children and trees, right from childhood. It has three components; 1) Education 2) planting 3) promotion awareness raising; This will encourage and inspire more people to plant trees themselves.

Objectives realized:
 Teaching the child to be a responsible member of the community.
 To raise the awareness of children on the value of trees and the environment.
 To contribute to make schools greenery.
 To establish partnership between schools, government and NGOs and the community.
 To raise the profile of the schools as environment- friendly institutions.

Success; the project has planted close to 5000 saplings for the past five years in 32 schools and delivered learning sessions to approximately 9000 students. It also inspired the stakeholders to continue looking after the environment and to work in partnership with different groups.

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