Health awareness rally : Vimukti Pothnal

It is easier to convey the message to the public gathering or by public meeting; so, with a motto to bring awareness among the villagers on use of toilet, health, water and cleanliness. This Health awareness rally was organized in mudammaguddi village, manvi taluka. The Vimukti children actively participated in the rally by shouting slogans and by displaying the pluck cards. Mr. Ballappa Nayak, taluka health officer and well known and experienced in his profession, explained at length as how to keep ourselves our surroundings clean and remain healthy. Further he gave an eye-opening talk on consuming nutritious and hygienic food, drinking clean water and explained the importance of oral health practieses and its impacts on general health. There were more than 220 children participated in this health awareness rally and got benefited from this programme.

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