Awareness program on Forest schemes to the Farmers  : Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Charitable trust® with the collaboration of District and Taluka Forest Department organized awareness programme to the farmers in the project area on 5th July 2017. The main aim of the program was to make know the various Government schemes accessible to the farmers; in return they tap these schemes and benefit from it. The farmers were being informed especially regarding “AGRO-FOREST DEVELEOPMENT SCHEME”. This scheme envisages providing farmers with saplings of some of the local variety plants like Honge or the Pongamia pinnata, Indian gooseberry, Mango, tamarind and some medicinal, herbal plants. During the first year the farmers would be given Rs.10 towards expenditure on maintenance of each sapling; in the subsequent years Rs.15 and Rs.20. A preliminary demand survey is to be conducted this June by the department, to ascertain the demand by farmers. Enrolment of farmers under the scheme would be facilitated by officials visiting nada Kacheri (office) and Grama Panchayats. . The awareness was created in the targeted project area; as a result 13 farmers were availed with the 420 saplings and got benefited from this scheme.

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