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The statement that “health is wealth “is a very true to its meaning, as one cannot do anything if he or she does not have good health. So, it is very important that each person must know the causes, effects and remedy related to their individuals’ health issues. One person’s careless or ignorance of good health care can affect other person living with him or around him. For the past 12 months, Doorstep healthcare services has been provided by Vimukti Staff Nurse to the sponsored children families, physically disabled and economically disadvantaged patients who live in the villages without discrimination of caste and religion.

Pregnant women and postnatal mothers and children were motivated to go for a regular check up during pregnancy, they were given awareness on nutrition, special care and nutrition for infants, cleanliness, exercises, sanitation, hygienic, health issues, immunization, Routine check-ups, and tests etc. Vimukti main aim is to educate them and provide them with knowledge to live more hygienically so that they too can lead a healthy life and prevent themselves and their families from any health issues.

This door step medical services has been benefited 155 households in the project area. 120 people were made aware of the risk factors and symptoms of diabetes and hypertension, And 84 persons were screened. 11 persons were diagnosed with diabetes and 21 persons with hypertension. They were all appropriately referred to the health facilities concerned. Apart from our regular action plan we also took initiatives for the welfare of the workers and community by conducting need based camps. We made them aware about how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases though conducting free health screening.

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