Sunknoor Villagers demanded concerned authority bus connectivity to their villages:Vimukti Pothnal

Though basic amenities have improved to a certain level in the past years in the villages in Sunknoor in Heridinni Panchyath Manvi Taluka, one thing that hampers their growth is the lack of bus connectivity to other places in this Panchyath. The villages are located 20 km away from this Panchyath in the midst of very bad roads where more than 3500 people reside for many generations. School students and villagers demanded one Government bus service to their villages, operating in the morning leaving them with no transportation options in the evening. This lack of service has made it increasingly difficult for them to attend school with some students having to walk up to 10km in order to reach their classes. The school students are seeking a solution to this pressing issue, as they believe that a reliable bus service is crucial in ensuring their access to education. Many individuals are forced to walk long distances to reach the main road to catch a bus to reach other villages. The villagers appealed to the MLA and concerned government authorities to solve all their grievances.

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