Building Construction workers coming together in demanding for their entitlements: Vimukti Pothnal

the building construction workers came together at vimukti premises on 15th June,2024 to demand the right entitlements from the concerned department. Vimukti found most inter and intra-state migrant building construction workers are illiterate and unskilled, which makes them highly vulnerable to exploitation. Their living conditions are very poor, and the workers stay in small sheds, either at the construction sites/basements, at neighboring vacant sites or on the roadside. Some of the construction workers’ living conditions are often substandard and there is no provision for clean drinking water, toilets, and sanitation. These workers do not have access to fair price shops, or schools for their children. Migrant workers are the most exploited and disenfranchised with no access to their entitlements both at source village and destination city. Plight of migrant/construction workers and their rights become very challenging. Vimukti creates awareness among migrant /construction workers about their entitlements in various sectors such as health, education, finance, social security, and legal aid, and increases access to these entitlements to improve their livelihoods. Nearly 110 workers are benefiting from vimukti interventions.

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