‘Shale Kade Nanna Nade’ Campaign: vimukti Pothnal

‘Shale Kade Nanna Nade’ is a massive campaign for protection of child rights in collaboration with concerning Govt. departments and other organizations working for the same cause. The campaign aims at enrolling the school dropout and out of school children back to school in the academic year 2024. The main aim of the ‘March to school campaign’ was to sensitize privileged citizens to protect and demand the rights of children. Today & every day, join us to support all children across the world to keep chasing their dreams through education, children and participants were holding the placards and as they were marching in and around the villages shouting the slogans to send back the children to school. Through their very presence and involvement, they were conveying the message of the importance of education that will nurture their future. The Pakistani noble prize winner Malala says: “one child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”. She became the inspiration and instrumental in bringing back most of all our village children. Vimukti staff took keen interest and involved in this Abhiyan and motivated nearly 250 children with their parents during the campaign. Since there’s a positive impact of the Abhiyan for sure this March-to-School Campaign will bring back the lost children back to the school.

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