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“Child Marriage is a practice that robs millions of girls of their childhood, their rights and their dignity.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Under the initiative of Vimukti wing and with the active support of Ensemble Agissons, campaign against an early marriage was organized with the collaboration of various Govt. Schools in the project area in order to sensitize & mobilize the masses to stop and eradicate child marriage by raising awareness of the girl’s right in the community. The campaign was organized with the main objective of bringing about changes in the pattern of thinking in minds of the people towards the evil effects of child marriage and raising awareness of the girl’s right in the community and also by focusing on improving the access to quality education for girls, and also educating the wider community about the social factors that enable forced marriage to continue. The students took out rallies through the main streets of the villages by holding placards and banners bearing the message on the needs of protecting the rights, and creating awareness on adverse impact of child marriage.

The students of Tadkal government primary school along with Vimukti staff at a rally vowed to prevent child marriage, school dropouts, dowry and other related issues. After taking part in the rally, children parliament members took oath in continuing awareness among the guardians and local people about the negative impacts of child marriage, dowry and repression to resist these social curses for building a better society.

There are three main effects caused by early marriage:

  1. Girls who are married early tend to drop-out of school – they are expected to stay at home to look after their husband and in-laws.

  2. Teenage girls have a greater risk of complications during pregnancy and child birth and babies are more likely to be underweight.

  3. Girls do not tend to give birth in hospitals because the JSY maternal health programme does not cover girls under 18.

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