Vimukti Unorganized youth celebrated Ambedkar Utsav:

Vimukti Pothnal Organized Ambedkar Utsava on 16th, April, 2024 at vimukti Premises. A special program was organized under the banner of “Ambedkar Utsav”, from 14 villages unorganized youths attended and benefited from this program. Fr. Sathish Fernandes delivered an informative speech on the life history of Dr. Ambedkar. Important incidents from his life were narrated to youths for inculcating good values among them. The achievements and contributions of Dr. Ambedkar were highlighted and emphasis was laid on his writing a vast and the lengthiest constitution of the world. On this occasion vimukti organized an essay and quiz competition on Dr. Ambedkar's life and a talk on “the Need of Constitutional Literacy in our villages,” Mr. Shranappa Balatgi explained the concept of constitutional literacy and how it could be spread among the masses. Mr. Sharan Mudammagudi presided over the function. Mr. Arogyappa, vimukti animator proposed a vote of thanks. All the staff members worked hard to make the function a grand success. Nearly78 unorganized youth actively participated in the program.

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