Vimukti Initiatives to combat trafficking of Women and Children 448 Stakeholders benefited from this program: Vimukti Pothnal

VCT Pothnal organized mass awareness programs every month respectively. Lack of awareness on human trafficking is the biggest barrier to prevent human trafficking, most of those victimised are either women or minors (consisted of individuals under 18 years of age who are recruited, transported transferred, harboured or received for the purposes of exploitation,). Kidnappers most commonly force women into commercial sex and indentured servitude. Bride trafficking has also been a consistent commodity due to skewed sex ratios in certain areas. Keeping this thought in mind VIMUKTI has been creating mass awareness in the schools, AWCs, public places, and in the residential area, so that children and women are saved from these evil practices. Nearly 448 school children and families have benefited from this program.

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