International Women’s Day- “Invest in women; Accelerate progress -2024” Vimukti Pothnal

“You are a unique creation of GOD; without you I cannot exist” thank you for giving birth to me and always encouraging and inspiring me.
The Vimukti Charitable Trust® Celebrated the International Women’s Day on the 7th March 2024. The International Women’s Day, 2024 4 the Motto: “Invest in women: Accelerate progress” highlights the importance of gender equality, women’s rights and girls’ empowerment and their rights to healthier lives. Mr. Jaysheel Vimukti coordinator gave a key address saying that ‘women live amidst the four walls called a house and a family. In this 21st century, today women need to grow socially, literally, and politically to make known the capacity of her to the inside and outside world. For a better tomorrow one must work today in instilling the seeds of the equality of gender.’ Dr. Prarthana, BAMS, PGDAC skin hair specialist Sindhnoor, advised the women saying equality should begin firstly in our own homes by eliminating the inequality of the gender to build a better society. Women must be very keen on this issue and can be overcome by giving them the social and mental support and apt education will help the women to face tomorrow. Mr. Hampayanayka Manvi MLA in his inaugural speech motivated the women to stand firm in facing their problems. No doubt, the violence is increasing against women because she is considered a weakling. But remember that a woman should not forget that if she wills, she has the greatest strength to protect herself. Therefore, she must strive after giving the girl child education and equality in her own home first. This motivating factor helps her to become a better citizen tomorrow. Mrs. Lakshmi, the Grama Panchayath President, Pothnal, Sr. Saritha Anugrha convent pothnal, Mrs. Girja coordinator and all the Vimukti Staff participated and made this International Women's Day a memorable one. Nearly 125 women representatives were present and witness the program.


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