Inter- Religious Harmony Dialogue Held to Promote Peace: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Pothnal along with like-minded NGOs organized an inter-faith Harmony Dialogue at Manvi Basava Circle on 30th of January, 2024. Vimukti is striving hard to promote peace and harmony by undertaking various activities. Encouraging inter- faith dialogue for shared security, peace, and prosperity is part of vimukti Mission. The event was organized as a follow up to the United Nations appeal to observe the first week of the month of February every year as the world interfaith harmony week. The meeting was chaired by Fr. Sathish Fernandes Vimukti Director Pothnal. While appreciating the UN proclamation to highlight the significance of the inter-faith harmony dialogue and lead taken by Vimukti, the participants felt the need of sharing each other’s cultural and spiritual tenets to reduce myths and misunderstandings about each other. In this regard, religious leaders can play a vital role by spreading the message of brotherhood and harmony to masses. They should meet regularly at a common platform and formulate a common minimum programme for harmony. It was emphasized that to be united one must give space to others and people should appreciate that ‘what is hateful and hurtful to them, they must not do to others. Importance of value based moral education was also emphasized. It was felt that the positivity of such exercises should be focused on and extended to the youth and at the grassroots level. Three eminent personalities from different religions delivered their messages based on their Holy Scriptures and the theme of the day. Students, teachers, professors, and unorganized youths participated in the event. The main aim of this meeting is to appreciate the values present in every religion, to unitedly safeguard our planet and to strengthen fraternity among people of all faiths thereby promoting religious harmony in our nation.

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