Role of inter-Religious Harmony in Peaceful Society: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Pothnal organized inter-religious Harmony program to unorganized youths in the villages on 29th of January, 2024 at Vimukti premises. Iner-religious dialogue possesses a great purpose in this world which is torn by deadly conflicts. Interfaith dialogue always advocates toleration, peace, and harmony. It never denigrates any religion being biased to a specific religion. It always tries to make people understand that despite several differences the core points of all religions are the same. Fr. Sathish Fernandes in his introductory talk said interreligious dialogue works for peace building and conflict resolution among followers of different faiths and religions. We are facing deadly conflicts, wars, and armaments every single day. And yes, it is interreligious dialogue which can save the world from all these vices and can help in disappearing fanaticism. This type of dialogue is so significant that it has the power to strengthen inter-personal Interreligious Harmony and Social Engagements. Muslim Imam said ‘If a person knows the religious teachings, concepts and values of other religions, there will grow respect and high regard towards other religions and cultures of the world inside him’. He will always advocate peace and harmony not conflict. Basavarj swamy said, it is necessary to know the concept of religious harmony and unity in several religions and faiths which will make interreligious dialogue successful. As Swami Nikhilananda says- “Different religions can learn from one another. Thus, Hinduism can teach the art of meditation, Christianity social service, Buddhism inner peace through desire lessness, Judaism justice and righteousness and Islam equality and brotherhood. Thus, the interreligious Harmony input sessions enlightened the unorganized youth to respect each other and live harmoniously. Nearly 30 unorganised youth attended and benefited from this program.

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