Self-Defense Training to Reduce the Fear of Violence among Adolescent girls : Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Pothnal organized training on Self- Defense to reduce the fear of violence among adolescent girls on 4th, 10th and 29th of January, 2024 in various schools of Manvi taluka. The main objectives are, to educate the girls students about the different types of violence against them. To provide knowledge about the different tips of self-protection to keep in mind in different situations. Purpose of the Workshop: The need of the hour for the girls and women in the society is to safeguard them against violence committed against them. It is felt that student welfare can strengthen the girl students for their self-protection and women empowerment through a workshop of self-defense in collaboration with various schools. The learning outcomes are The students learnt about the different kinds of violence that may be faced by girls or by women in any place including at home. The student participants got different self-protection tips on how to avoid/defend by attacking a potential attacker by using objects or by striking on the soft spots of the attacker, when subjected to physical abuse, violence, crime, etc. The students have the chance to see the live demo of the self-defense techniques as demonstrated by the trainer and the companion cadets. The workshop concludes with a note on the promise from both sides that these kinds of workshops will be continued in the times to come. nearly 550 adolescent girls benefited from this training.

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