“National Girl Child Day” celebrated at vimukti Pothnal:

Vimukti Pothnal in collaboration with Jana Barathi High school Pothnal celebrated “National Girl Child Day” on 24th of January,2024. The event marked a significant initiative to raise awareness about gender-based discrimination, inequality, and importance of empowering the girl. Mrs. Jacintha vimukti staff inaugurating the function emphasised the pivotal role of education in empowering women. She shared insightful thoughts, stating, “When a man is educated only one individual is educated, but when a woman is educated, the entire family is educated.” With respect to this celebration, vimukti Pothnal conducted an awareness program to school children at pothnal. Through the video show ‘Save girl child’ was highlighted and they also expressed how important a girl child is to the society. The entire day was spent with various games and input sessions. The main objective of celebrating national girl child days was; to focus on the need to address the challenges of gender bias in our society and the whole purpose of the day is the change society’s attitude towards females. To increase awareness among students on the importance and role of girl child in the society. To remove all inequalities faced by girl children. to ensure equal rights for them etc. all the events turned out to be a great success and made the day for many students and staff realizing the importance of the girl child and the need to celebrate it. The participants were very happy to participate in the events and the program received wonderful responses. Nearly 65 adolescent girls participated and benefited from this program.

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