Potential Income Generating Activities: “Livelihood and Sustainable Life…” Vimukti Supported Rs. 3,00,000/- 60 SHG members Profited Rs.11,50,000/-:

In our commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals, we expand our boundaries to strata of society, including under privileged and disabled persons. Through this project activity introduced “Interest-free loan scheme” as a revolving fund to the SHG (Self Help Groups) groups of Rs. 60,000/- to develop their financial condition. Interested women were motivated and helped to venture into new businesses for their self-sustainability. The SHGs vision includes: “enabling other women to become entrepreneurs by promoting different business activities through various resources and skills to become financially independent in their villages in small units”. This was created to promote the beneficiaries in becoming economically independent. This effort strives to make it easier for rural and semi urban folks to engage in generating income by indulging in productive and enjoyable activities. Vimukti women have begun Sheep and goat farming, livestock farming, tailoring Poultry, Rabbit, Pigeon, Ducks, farming, Roti Rolling, Stationery shops and hotel business preparation and marketing of dairy products. As a result, for the past six months 60 youth and women have financially grown and created a better environment in their family from Rs. 3,00,000/- to11,50,000/-. Vimukti, in 2024 places livelihood at the center of development and works towards building a sustainable life including health-Malnourishment, education and vocational skills, unorganized youth and women empowerment etc.

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