“Vimukti Mobile Library” brings wisdom and knowledge:

“A book is a GIFT you can open again and again”. – Garrison Keillor
Vimukti Pothnal initiated the “Mobile Library” in the year 2012 with the limited resources. Though there are many developmental initiatives in our place, very few reach those who are in real need. Families living in our villages have their own hardship, where both male and female members of the household work to earn their living. Children remain the most neglected part of the society, as a result they are deprived of many good things. Due to lack of awareness and financial resources rural children lag far behind their urban counterparts. Many children living in and around pothnal surrounding villages do not have access to books other than their school textbooks. This limits their education to a narrow range of school subjects. The mobile library stifles their curiosity and awareness of what the world has to offer. Our Goal: we hope to instill a love of reading in children, giving them a productive way to spend their time, enhance their knowledge, and encourage their passion for learning. Vimukti Mobile library has more than 5,000 books, in the evenings, vehicle visits to designated places every alternate week, hence the children are able to access the library books. Vimukti staff members ensure that the children are involved in discussions about the book they read, what they learned, and what they would like to study next. From the inception of the organization till date the mobile library project has made over 5,000 books distributed which is a testament to how much the children have enjoyed reading.

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