International Women’s day; Rally for the equal rights @ Vimukti Pothnal :

Vimukti Charitable Trust®, Pothnal with the collaboration of Loyal and Janodhya Manvi celebrated international women’s day at public ground Manvi on 16th March 2017. 1020 SHG group members participated in this event. women’s took out rally through the main streets of Manvi City by holding placards and banners containing the message on the needs of protecting the rights of women, campaign on RTF, and to create awareness on adverse impact of child marriage in the society; and demanded the concerned officials to take stringent measures in this regard to impose fine on those who violate these laws. The main aim of the rally was to sensitize privileged citizens to protect and demand their Rights on RTF campaign and other entitlements of the poor in Manvi Taluka. The participants, after marching through the main road of manvi conversed with the local press media where women activist spoke to them and memorandum was submitted to the concerned authority regarding RTF campaign and its implications.

One of the participants shared her experience of being a sister, wife and mother. She encouraged all the women to educate the girl children for she believes that if one girl child is educated the whole family is educated. Director explained as Pope Francis has aptly said, “Women face a variety of challenges and difficulties in various parts of the world; at times they still experience discrimination in the workplace; they are often forced to choose between work and family; they frequently suffer violence in their lives as fiancées, wives, mothers, sisters and grandmothers. In poor and developing countries, women bear the heaviest burdens: it is they who travel many miles in search of water, who too often die in childbirth, who are kidnapped for sexual exploitation or forced into marriages at a young age or against their will. At times they are even denied the right to life simply for being female”.

Mrs. Adhyimuni Veralakshmi, Zella Panchyath President Raichur was the chief guest of the celebration said “There is nothing more complex or special in this world than a woman. She is full of mystery and wonder that makes her special and one of a kind.

The dignitaries on the dais lauded the innovative experiment of making the day entertaining and educative one. Indeed it was fabulous program as we got the feedback from the gathering who appreciated it very much.

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