Vimukti Charitable Trust Distributed 57 solar powered lights at this Christmas for the economically poor families:

It is the joyous moment when we await the coming of the Saviour of the world, our Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, the season of cheer and joy is here- Christmas. With excitement in their hearts, our little sponsored children at Vimukti eagerly await to experience the joy of Christmas. The celebration was held in our vimukti auditorium. The entire auditorium was beautifully decorated with flowers, festivals, lights, posters, and models. All the sponsored children and staff members were very excited and full of enthusiasm for the celebration.

Fr. Director Sathish Fernandes wished everyone a very happy Christmas and also gave a short motivational speech and asked the young children their understanding of Christmas; however, the real Christmas lies in the birth of Jesus who came to teach us love, harmony, unity and forgiveness. Over 57 sponsored children were extremely delighted to receive special Christmas Gifts from Donor agency, Ensemble Agissons, France. Each family has received Solar lights as per their choice, which is very useful to their family during electric failure. These solar lights are rechargeable in ordinary sunlight, and this will provide continuous light at least 4-6 hours daily, very handy, and very useful to children in their studies giving them a high chance of being good citizens in the future. This will enable the family members to continue doing their household activities without difficulties. These Christmas gifts brought smiles on the faces of the sponsored families. Dignitaries on the dais conveyed their appreciation to the donors and to the staff for the timely help. Mr. Argyappa presented the Vote of Thanks, and nearly 91 participants benefited from this program.

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