Diwali Celebration at Vimukti Pothnal:

‘Let us move from untruth to truth and from darkness to light.’
Vimukti Pothnal celebrated Diwali Festival in its premises on 12th of November, 2023. Diwali is a festival of light that enlightens the hearts and brings joy to every heart. The activities permeate the vimukti premises with an atmosphere of togetherness and hope. The sponsored children celebrated the festival of Diwali with great enthusiasm. They decorated the premises with earthen lighted lamps, and inaugurated the festive program with lighting the lamp by the dignitaries (Mrs. Bernadette, Mrs. JATTIOT Lily, Mrs. Belleville Christiane, Mr. Eric, and Mrs. Patricia). Diwali celebration begins with a solemn prayer led by Fr. Sathish Fernandes, to the almighty and a beautiful thought, that filled our hearts and minds with love and harmony. Bro. Karthik Jemes spoke about the significance of the festival- how good always conquered evil and about why and how Diwali is celebrated across India. Besides sensitizing sponsored children about the ill- effects of crackers, they also shared the guidelines of environment-friendly celebrating Diwali. Wonderful presentation of earthen laps which decorated the entire vimukti office with colorful lights. Which instilled a sense of victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. The entire presentation filled the hearts with the spirit of Diwali and they enjoyed the celebrations wholeheartedly. Everyone gathered for the program highly appreciated the program. Certainly, it was the unique Diwali we had ever celebrated.

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