Raichur District children’s Parliament raises children’s concerns around education and their future. Vimukti Pothnal

The Children’s Parliament caters for children below age of 18 years, and Children’s Parliament gives a chance to speak for the children, by the children and of the children. It serves as a platform for the children to develop leadership skills, team spirit, analytical skills and maturity. This is none other than an organization/movement for children. Today there are efforts all over the world to help children to be in charge as children are the best agents of the much- sought social change. Children refuse to be any more just objects to be looked at. They are beginning to participate in various social and political decision-making forum. They believe that they can do this better than the elders without any inhibitions or slash expectations. They are not anymore just to be governed, but also to govern. They have realized their rights to participate in governing. Now Children parliament comes to their rescue which is a Children's movement with deliberations, interventions and actions. On 3rd of November, 2023 Vimukti in collaboration with CRT Bangalore organized program on bringing all talukas representatives of children on one platform at Raichur to raise their voice against injustice done to them. Children’s parliament will help highlight the problems faced by them in their respective schools and villages. Children’s parliament programme has been introduced to help children list out their problems of a particular constituency and make the respective elected representatives take them up in legislature sessions and get relief.

Vimukti aims at making the children aware of the powers of a parliamentary democracy. They would know how to be a responsible citizen and the importance of involving themselves in community affairs. In eve of it the district level children parliament training was held at Raichur. There were 55 children’s representatives from various talukas were present to discuss the major burning issues on children rights and how they are violated in Raichur district. Children raise the issues such as deficiency of nutrients in children, lack of safety measures in school buildings, transport-related problems and rehabilitation of children in the context of Act to prevent child labour, child marriage, child drop out, malnutrition, facilities to children in various disabilities, lack of subject vise teachers in the schools, pure drinking water facilities in the schools, missing cases and sexual abuses etc. the shocking fact is that the ration of children suffering from malnutrition and anaemia is very high. but, most of these burning issues remain silent without raising their voices due to several reasons. children were given opportunities to discuss in groups and after which was presented before the district officials. Children came up with various questions which were eye opener to the officials to work more vigilantly. Vimukti children took active part and made the sessions more effective and vibrant. As a result, two students from vimukti were selected for the state- level children parliament contest to be held at state level legislature in Bangaluru next month. Selected children’s representatives will be raising their voices at Bangalore on the various issues faced by the children in Raichur District. various District government officials were present on the dais and listened the problems faced and raised by children and gave their suggestion and assured they will tackle the issues without delay. Mrs. Arogyappa thanked everyone gathered and concluded the day’s program with vote of thanks.

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