Sponsor Children Summer Camp: Vimukti Pothnal

“Camp is where I learned about myself; facing fears, trying new things, pushing my boundaries, and accepting myself.”
Believing in the above ethos, we, at VIMUKTI, have been conducting summer camps regularly during every summer vacation. We strongly believe that every adversity brings an opportunity to bring out the best. To promote emotional wellbeing and to enrich our students, Vimukti organized the virtual SUMMER CAMP for all our sponsor children from 24th and 25th of October, 2023. The scheduling of events was such that entire two days the sponsor children had a new topic with different, fun-filled, and educational activities. The event was planned with an objective to keep the sponsor children constructively engaged and to promote learning with fun. The students were engaged in activities that were enjoyable and meaningful. This summer camp gave them an opportunity to learn and develop diverse skills in painting, craftwork, dance, etc. Additionally, it provided an even platform for all children to explore and express their creativity in any form. This virtual summer camp aimed to educate and create awareness among the students about various issues like the environment, nutrition, etc. The best part of the camp was that the staff ensured that the materials required for the activities were easily available at home. It was heartening to see our sponsor children participating enthusiastically in large numbers thereby making the event a grand success. The SUMMER CAMP culminated with a grand Talent Spot Dance where the children showcased their talents through singing, dancing, comedy, storytelling, poetry reading, and many more activities. This Summer Camp was earnestly appreciated not only by the participants but also by their parents. The overwhelming acknowledgement through their reviews and feedback was a motivating factor for the entire vimukti team.

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