Leadership Training for Vimukti Children’s Parliament: Vimukti Pothnal

The Vimukti Charitable Trust ® Pothnal, organized a Leadership training program to our Vimukti Children Parliament members from 14th to 15th of October, 2023 at vimukti premises. The sessions began by invoking the blessings of God by reciting the preamble of the Indian constitution. Soon after the prayer session, Vimukti Children Parliament coordinator Arogayappa welcomed the participants and speakers of the day by calling them into the dais. Fr. Sathish Fernandes Vimukti Director said,” Parliaments of children open horizons of the minds of the children by introducing a broader society and a world beyond their immediate circumstances. The Parliaments help children to succeed in life and to grow individually as true persons”. The main objective of this training is to learn to understand the process involved in the formation of children’s parliament and its possibilities. The workshop contained four input sessions on children parliament and leadership qualities. What is children’s Parliament? Prashant kumar karabdini, in his presentation highlighted saying, 1. The students who are busy only with text books, tuitions and examinations find themselves ill-equipped to face the challenges and pressures of modern-day complex realities of life. They lack the confidence and ability to live life to the fullest. They easily become discouraged and at times get depressed. 2.The UNCRC on the rights of child speaks of participation. Participation means finding out and developing talents of children for a holistic growth, which is well complemented by Children’s Parliament. In the Children’s Parliament, children are exposed to all the procedures followed in the actual parliament, like filing nomination, election of leaders, assigning responsibilities, analysing local issues and problems in the monthly gathering of the parliament. Mr. Charlie the vimukti staff said that the children’s Parliament members should discuss regarding their own village problems like drinking water, toilets, basic infrastructures in the schools, child rights etc. initially children used to by shy address the parliament, but gradually from couple of experience they grow in confidence.

Outcome of children’s Parliaments on leaders training
• The children will take responsibility for their actions, life, growth and development. They themselves begin to find solutions to their problems.
• The children become self-disciplined and self-motivated on account of the influence of Parliament of Children.
• The children begin to gain self-confidence, conquering psychological complexes.
• Having handled opportunities to lead, they develop their personalities and enhance their leadership qualities.
• The children find scope for life-oriented education, development of their talents, growth as regards maturity of emotions and mind.
• The children experience citizenship training in practice.
• The children get scope to interact with civil, social and religious structures and thus gain confidence to participate in governance at ever wider realms.
• The mental horizon of children gets wider and wider as, starting from their village, their involvements extend to Panchayat, block and district and the state, and thereafter to national and international levels. This equips them to be harbingers of a new world order tomorrow.

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