Training on Child rights and Protection systems- “every five minutes a child dies from violence, every day, in all country children are abused, beaten, raped and more…” vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti organized training on child rights and protection system on 13th, 14th 17th and 18th of September 2023. Our children in our villages, have very little access to fundamental requirements such as nutritional food, healthcare, education, protection, and advocacy. Despite strong government regulations and policies children in our villages continue to face challenges in attaining these child rights, especially those pertaining to education, forced labor and child marriages. To address these issues and increase awareness amongst people of the community regarding social protection of the children, regular workshops were conducted by vimukti staff. These workshops were conducted in our targeted villages. Workshops are conducted for school/ dropout children who are aged 12 to 18 years and it was observed that more than five hundred children had participated in various workshops. The children were provided with information and insights regarding the following topics. 1. Fundamental Rights in our country. 2. Acts related to child marriages, child sexual exploitation and child rights. 3. Child protection systems such as ChildLine 1098, CWC and DCPU etc. children were benefited a lot through the knowledge provided at these workshops. They were taught on how to approach the child protection bodies when the necessity arrives. They were also given access to the child protection systems. Children were assured of getting necessary support, protection, and freedom, to be an equal part of the society and have a fearless supportive growth surrounding. More than 600 children benefited from these workshops.

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