Vimukti Mobile library is helping students to encourage reading habit among rural children from Remote villages: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti mobile library would visit each school in the surrounding 25 villages of Pothnal for around 90 minutes every fortnight allowing children to borrow books of their choice till the next visit. This is part of vimukti organization initiative to promote the habit of reading among the school children in villages. Mobile library has books in kannada, English, story books, Grammar books, spoken English, novels etc, which will cater to children from class 1st to 12th. We have more than a thousand books in our mobile library VAN. Students can pick books with a lot of pictures, fiction or academic as per their taste. Vimukti is confident that the “mobile library will evoke a much bigger response from the children and people” the mobile library covers at least two schools a day and caters to at least 600 students. Initially, school teachers may have to push them to borrow books and read them, but gradually they will develop the habit of reading. So far there is a very positive response from the teachers and students, as a result more than thousand children are benefiting from this program.

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