Child Rights and Sexual abuse awareness program: Vimukti Pothnal

VIMUKTI Pothnal, organized Child Sexual abuse awareness programme at Govt. High School Pothnal. Mr. Sudharshan coordinator, Childline, in the keynote address spoke on Child Rights and responsibility of children. Mr. Mukanna, team staff CHILDLINE, Raichur, addressed the gathering and briefed on the objectives and purpose of the awareness programme. The School Headmaster, Mrs. Niloferbagm exhorted the children to stay away from evil elements in the society. Child protection rest on three important pillars that is prevention, intervention and rehabilitation, especially in the case of child abuse, we believe that prevention is the most important pillar because if a case reaches the intervention stage where abuse has already happened, the damage caused to the child is immense and as all of us believe “prevention is better that cure”. Children shared about the various issues and the authorities present there suggested possible solutions to them. Various child rights issues and other difficulties faced in the school were discussed before the concerned authority and sort the clarifications. Nearly 285 children attended the program.

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