Free educational kits distribution to stop school dropouts, 75 economically poor children: Vimukti Pothnal

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”-Nelson Mandela
Vimukti charitable Trust® (VCT) Pothnal takes initiative every year to help economically poor, semi orphan, deserving children and encourages them not to drop out from the school by distributing free educational materials to the 16- surrounding villages of Manvi Taluka. The aim is to bring SMILEs to these little children as they take their next leap in learning. We all have experienced the joy of having a new school bag, notebooks, pencils, slates, geometry box, and crayons etc., on the first day of school. With the ‘VCT School Kit’ program we hope to create that ‘moment of smile’ for the underprivileged children in the society. Due to rising inflation and unemployment, more parents are unable to provide basic needs to their children or meet their school expenses.

There are others who have little money to get their children admitted to schools but can’t afford to deal with daily expenses related to studies such as necessary stationery items, school bags, etc. It is for this reason VCT had launched its VCT School Kit Project in 2009. Since then, it takes on the mammoth task of distributing school kits among the needy every year. It may look like a one-dimensional need. But a school kit means much more to a child than just a regular part of school-going activity. VCT school kits, which allow students to further their studies, are particularly distributed among children living in unfavorable conditions or chronic poverty. Each bag contains adequate materials for one student to study for one year. Through school kit distribution, VCT not only seeks to enable children to pursue their education but also wants to raise awareness about the lack of access to education in the society.

VCT Schoolbag Project may not be offering the ultimate answer to all the problems of the needy students, but it is a step forward to empower young children by providing them with a key tool to become learned, innovative, and progressive members of a prosperous society. VCT school kit – which contains best possible support as per need like uniform, shoes, fee along with a good-looking bag, set of pencil, eraser, rubber, sharpener, glue and pen sachets, biscuits, notepad and reading books etc.

VCT is thankful to its sponsors, donors, philanthropists, and dedicated volunteers who are keen to reduce school dropouts in India and strengthen our educational efforts. These school kits are simply a token of our faith in those children’s potential. This is just to make them feel that they are not alone. School kit project aims to show our commitment, love and care for these poor children and give them confidence and courage to grasp each moment of development with both hands. Nearly 75 economically poor children benefited from this program. Fr. Sathish Fernandes said, providing these basic facilities encouraged the children to study well, and motivated the parents to support the children in their education. The realization of the project enabled Vimukti to contribute substantially to achieve the goal of universal education in the northern part of Karnataka state.

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