Training on various Government Schemes to Unorganized youths: Vimukti Pothnal

The Vimukti Charitable Trust ® Pothnal also conducted the informative training program for the youths to know and to utilize the available Government Schemes on 17th March, 2023 at Vimukti Premises. The VCT had invited the resource persons were Mr. Charlie and Mr. Jaysheela gave the detailed useful information on government’s 33 departments like SCSP/TSP under scheme on: youths self-employment, land rights, Ganga Kalyana Scheme, Individual Irrigation, Borewell Scheme, how to avail a relief to the scheduled caste victims of atrocities scheme, and various scholarship for the children and lot more information on how to tap the various financial benefits and schemes from the 33 government departments come under the talukas. 70 unorganized youth were able to profit for their life and to help others in return.

Result/ Impact:
• There is progressive development in the quality of leadership.
• Unorganized Women youths leadership participation is increased very much.
• After forming the unorganized youth groups 25% of the youth have tapped the government schemes (through the labour card, they have received Rs. 2000 to their bank account, Government Ration food kit, etc).
• Under NREGA many of our unorganized youth took lead receive 100 days’ work.
• Our youths have taped the government schemes for their village like CC Road, drinking water facilities, Drainage facilities,
• Our youth are vigilant during PDS distribution in their village. Last week in one of our pocket youths themselves went to the food inspector Manvi and demanded to release the monthly Ration to their village.
• 10% of our unorganized youth have succeeded to received self-employment schemes and have implemented in the villages: cattle sheds, sheep rearing, electrical shops, water, water harnessing, etc.

Challenges faced:
• Many unorganized youths from our pockets have migrated to Bangalore.
• Political influence and no proper response from the government officials during youth government department visits results in losing the interest in continuing follow-up.
• Financial problem also causes to go to higher authority to tap the government schemes.
• RTI act is not able to implement properly due to political and local leader’s influence
• Our youth are not able to tap the SCSP/TSP scheme due to lack of support from local MLA and their approval.

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