Exposure Visit of unorganized youth to National Seed Corporation Limited, Jawalgere farm: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti in collaboration with unorganized youth representatives along with staff visited National Seed Corporation Limited Jawlegere on 19th March, 2023. The overall objective of the exposure visit was to exchange ideas and experience regarding challenges in implementation of agriculture productivity while decreasing production costs and minimizing environmental impacts. Secondly, to see hi-tech farming and the use of improved varieties and farm resources. Thirdly, to know the working of precision farming on the farm and how to use new technology and training on micro-irrigation systems. Mr. Arun Kumar, Asst. Supervisor NSC-CSF Jawalgere explained and demonstrated the various bio-pesticide formulations and explained the complete details in growing organic rice, other products. He introduced high technology tools that are so effective and more accurate, cost- effective and bringing awareness and motivating especially farmers for increasing their income. All the participants visited various organic sites and there were healthy debates and discussions over myths about organic culture and financial benefits. The events also enabled participants to know some of the traditional organic farming methods, such as the formation of vermi-wash/vermicompost, herbal pesticides/insecticides and treatment of seeds and soil management, etc

Moreover, most participating farmers expressed their willingness to switch over to organic farming from their current mode of chemical farming. At many places, even those farmers who were already involved in organic farming came to know about many new and traditional ways of farming, which will be helpful in organic culture. They accepted that such exposures are the first of their kind besides what Vimukti have been doing for them. Feedback from farmers indicates that over 80 percent of farmers were inspired by the events organized by VIMUKTI and showed immense interest in starting organic farming. The exposure visit ended with thanking the authority and staff for spending their valuable time with us.

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