State level Children’s Parliament will help highlight problems facing them: Vimukti Pothnal

State level children parliament was organized by Child Right Trust at Indian Social institute Bangalore. Children representatives from all over Karnataka, each district two children representatives came with their problems faced in their respective district. two days training was organized and listed out all the problems from each district. From Raichur district Vishwa vikas and kerthana 8th std, actively participated and raise the problems and difficulties faced by Raichur children, such as child marriages, child labour, dropout, child trafficking, missing cases, sexual abuse and using children for illegal activities etc. these are very predominant as a result many children are succumbed to these evil practices and losing their childhood and not able do justice to their voices. The children’s parliament programme will help them to raise their voices against injustice done to them and get relief. Referring to the Census conducted in 2011, that a total of 47 crore children had been identified in the 10-18 age group. But the shocking fact is that the ratio of children suffering from malnutrition and anemia is very high in Raichur. Therefore, children raised their voices before elected representatives and demanded to sort out issues very quickly and to find solutions and also get punishment to perpetrators as per child protection laws concern.

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