Five days of intensive Entrepreneurship Development Programme for the Women: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Pothnal in collaboration with UNDP organized five days on intensive Entrepreneurship development programme for the women at Vimukti premises. The main aim of the program is to help local & small entrepreneurs thrive by providing training, handholding and mentorship enabling micro-entrepreneurs to scale better and faster. These training programs help educate & develop microentrepreneurs with various business & social aspects. It helps them learn with problem solving, conflict management, leadership, communication, negotiation skills through a medium of role play, indoor and outdoor activities.

Apart from these the entrepreneur is also taken through various accounts & operation support required to run a business such as book-keeping, cost of production, thus enabling the ME to assess himself/herself and the business. This Entrepreneurship development programme makes leaders, helps the microentrepreneurs discover their strengths and abilities. Women micro-entrepreneurs who are chartering an unknown path step by step. This EDP is focused on increasing the ability of the micro-entrepreneurs to do business successfully and earn their livelihood. The extra employment of labour created through these micro-enterprises can also lead to the transformation of the individuals in the community. Thus, vimukti helped 40 women to get trained and motivated to begin their own business for their sustainability.

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