World Day against child Labour 2022- Universal Social Protection to End child Labour : Vimukti Pothnal

MAKE A DIFFERENCE. IF YOU SEE A CHILD IN DISTRESS…. Dial the child helpline- 1098
Vimukti charitable Trust ® Pothnal organized an awareness rally in collaboration with our Vimukti children club on world day against child labour campaign in and around Pothnal government Schools on 13th June 2022. The day aim is to spread awareness about the illegal practice of child labor that still prevails and sensitize privileged citizens to protect and demand the rights of children and childhood. Today & every day, join us to support all children across the world to keep chasing their dreams through education, children and participants were holding the placards and as they were marching in and around the villages shouting the slogans to send back the children to school and stop child labour. The Social protection systems that address poverty and provide free education, healthcare, family assistance, and employment to families, assure children the FREEDOM TO LEARN, PALY AND BE A CHILD.

The objective of this day is also to spread awareness to eradicate it completely across the globe. Child labour still exists and children, mostly from families, are forced to work in hazardous conditions despite facing physical, mental and social exploitation from employers. Such children are deprived of living their childhood while many also miss the opportunity of attending schools. Vimukti staff took keen interest and involved in this rally and motivated nearly 425 children with their parents during the campaign.

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