Door to Door Dr. Ambedkar Abhiyana: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Pothnal organized Door to Door Abhiyana on the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar’s 131st birth anniversary on 23rd April 2022. This abhiyana was being undertaken for reaching out to children, youths, women and men, in spreading awareness on Dr. Ambedkar and his prominent role in building up the nation as a great architect of the Indian Constitution. On this occasion Fr. Sathish Fernandes vimukti director said, "An economist and advocate of human rights and women empowerment, Dr Ambedkar is considered as a leading nation builder of our country. He contributed in promoting harmony and tried to eradicate the evils of the caste system. A true believer in the rule of law, Dr Ambedkar constantly worked for the rights of poor and backward classes. We should take inspiration from the life of this great son of India. A true homage to Dr. Ambedkar would be to develop our country on the principles of ‘Social and Economic Justice’ and ‘Equality of Status and opportunity’". On this occasion well- known speaker were called and input sessions were organized to motivate people to imbibe his spirit in safeguarding once own rights in building up the nation.

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