Role of Vimukti Children’s Club in safeguarding of children from School dropout and fun-based educational outreach: Vimukti Pothnal

VIMUKTI children Club is a local forum of the village children, where they come together to learn, share and plan their schooling or skills. Every child in the areas is invited to come along and take part in educational and recreational activities that are completely free. They are supervised by the volunteer leader who has been trained by VIMUKTI. The children clubs bolster the young children and encourage their development all with the goal of improving their well-being. in all Vimukti targeted village child clubs are formed depending on the number of children. The clubs are conducted once in a week or as per the decisions of the children. The children are given various trainings and motivational sessions about their rights, life, health and education. The children may go to different schools but in the clubs, they come together and share their experience. They develop their personality, gain leadership skills and improve decision making skills. Through a combination of games, songs, theatre workshops and reading traditional tales, the children have great time whilst learning and applying lessons that are useful in daily life, gradually growing in their roles as future citizens. 572 children are benefiting from these clubs.

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