Distribution of Nutritious Health Product (food) for the Malnutrition Children: Vimukti Pothnal

On 27 October 2021, the Vimukti Charitable Trust ® Pothnal organized the distribution of the Nutritious Health Kit for the selected malnutrition children. Mr. Arogyappa dumathi expressed saying, these days we are succumbing to many types of viruses and fever. Children are not able to withstand these viruses and fever. Thus, they need protein, minerals, calcium, and so on as a substitute for their health. These need to be given to the children without fail every day. Many a times we are not able to provide them through the food, but when we give the children “Kids Vitty Maxx” nutrition tablets, each day one, will increase children’s immune system and helps them to remain always healthy. Realizing the need and caring for the children’s health we are distributing the Nutritious Health Kit. Mrs. Shilpa, Vimukti staff Nurse explained the usefulness and effectiveness of consuming these tablets daily. Thereafter, as a chief Guest, the Director of the Vimukti Charitable Trust, Fr. Satish Fernandes addressed that gathering with this message: it is the prime duty of the parents and elders at home to cater the health of your children. Health is a wealth of the family. Present day hospitals no doubt find many ways to make money. So, we need to be careful in taking care of our well-being and especially that of our children too. Children are the easy victims of the sickness due to the weaker immune system. Hence, provide healthy food to build up the immune system of the children. We are distributing worth Rs.30,000/- nutritious health product to our children. All the participated children were given free “Kids Vitty Maxx” nutrition tablets. Mrs. Jacintha, Muddanagudi, and Kumari Mamatha were present on the Dais, while the program was organized by Mr. Jayashila, Dotharabandi.

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