Prevention and protection of youths, children and women from human trafficking 1257 profited from these programs: Vimukti Pothnal

After drugs and arms, human trafficking is the third largest profitable industry in the world, and young girls from the district of Raichur happen to be the worst victims. Human trafficking, particularly that of underage adolescent girls shipped out work as domestic helps is big cities has been decades-old phenomenon that has not been addressed adequately. But recent reports indicate that a second, more heinous level of exploitation is being perpetuated. Many of the trafficked girls, according to reports, are impregnated and made to bear children so that babies/children could be sold off. Lack of basic education, traditional beliefs/practices and the girls having no say in the matter because their socio- cultural up bring contribute to this state of affairs. The project focuses on prevention and protection of children from exploitation providing holistic education and raising community awareness.

This project has addressed the root causes of poverty leading to trafficking and abuse of these hapless children youth and Women. The project seeks to ensure “education” from a holistic perspective to bring 1257 vulnerable adolescents out of this complicated web of poverty and misery to transform their lives with hope for a decent and dignified future.

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