A house that restored the human Dignity- Vimukti Pothnal

Mr. Joseph (Yamanappa) 45 years old hails from Jeenor camp, Manvi Taluka, Raichur. Being a tractor driver, he earned his living and lived happily with his wife and three kids. One day a severe accident caused him to lose the ability to walk forever. In spite borrowing in lakhs and spending on his treatment Joseph remained paralyzed for life.

Learning the above situation, the Vimukti Charitable Trust® visited the family of Joseph immediately. Adding to their present misery, the education of their children, the Vimukti also witnessed the worst family’s living conditions in a dilapidated shed for past six years. When this news was shared with the few generous donors it became a reality. Today, through these inspired donors the Vimukti is able to provide a little decent house to live on. Applauses to all the generous souls for becoming “Joseph” to the family.

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