A Light to the Blind Family: Vimukti Trust, Pothnal

Sureshappa being other-abled man and Basamma is blind for 11 years hails from Hediginala, Sindanoor Taluka, Raichur. They are gifted with three children and were living in a dilapidated house. The entire family is in one way or the other is affected: where the eldest daughter Jyothi (19) is totally blind for 5 years, Naveen has lost almost 90% of his eyesight and the youngest son Petra too may lose his eyesight at any stage of his life. They have become the victims of Palikhonia disease, caused by heredity- only on time treatment can save their eye sight. Adding to their misery this family was surviving only with monthly pension just little to live on.

When several attempts made to the government officials failed its purpose it was then the Vimukti Charitable Trust, Pothnal, stood in support of them. Since then 2019 till this day through the various donors it gave the dignity of life, where Jyothi and Naveen were taken to the Shankar Eye Hospital, Bangalore for diagnosis. There Naveenís eyesight was restored back through an operation and Jyothi was treated with few medications. Vimukti bore all the cost of operation, hospital expenses, medicines, travel; it also provided the dresses, and the rations for their daily sustenance worth Rs. 4,00,000/-. Besides this Vimukti also pooled together the different resources from the other donors to provide a new house (17/20sq.m) with the Rs. 2.40 lakhs for decent living includes a kitchen, hall and a bedroom. With unending joy the entire family remains ever grateful to all the donors. Thanks for brightening the torch of light.

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