Self-Employment Training: Vimukti Pothnal

Self-employment training program was conducted to the members of Self-Help Group at Vimukti premises as on 28th of July 2021. The main objective of conducting this program is to motivate the members to involve in self-employment for their livelihood and to improve the standard of living. Mr Jayasheela coordinator of Vimukti addressed the members as, savings money will not enough to meet the requirement of livelihood. It is necessary improve economic conditions of family by adopting income generating activities.

Mris Girija Sitram suggested the members to think creatively and actively in Self-help group, share their skills so that they can collectively run income generating activities. The session also included the discussion on goals, objectives, functions and sustainability of Self-Help Group. Mrs. Jecintha, Ishamma, Renuka were participated in the program. It was emceed by Charly. Nearly SHG 58 leaders attended the training and benefited program from this program.

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