Sports activities to the youth: Vimukti pothnal

Vimukti Charitable Trust organized sports competition to the unorganized youth of Pothnal in its premises. Fr Sathish Fernandes the Director addressing the sports event said that sports help the young to cope up with the daily stress and keep them mentally as well as physically fit. So, there is a need of sports and entertainment for everyone for better growth. Everyone is busy in the world doing so many things but often fail to have real time for such things in life. Volleyball and cricket, other lacky games were conducted on this occasion. Along with these games other spot games were also conducted like those having highest visiting cards, having highest keys, girls having longest hair and so on. All the youth participated enthusiastically in all the games. At the end of the day prize distribution ceremony was conducted and those who won in the various games were given prizes by the brothers of the resident. For about 145 youth participated and benefited from this program.

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