Training on Income generating activities in three units: Vimukti pothnal

Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal in collaboration with Province of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, organized training on income generating to all the poor women of the project area. Mrs. Jacinta the vimukti staff briefed on the importance of self-help group and functioning and the aim of it. With their small savings, the women are meeting their daily requirements, or meeting expenses related to illness, marriages, or financing their small ventures. twenty-five SHGs each have been organized into Clusters (total number of clusters is 25) and all the 10 clusters. For earning an income of their own, SHGs have been imparted training in garland making milk product and goat farming. A few SHGs have started their business, which has been linked up with the local market. Apart from this, the groups have also been imparted training in child rights, women rights, rights and duties of panchayats, welfare schemes of the government, etc. There were about 22-unit representatives present for the day’s seminar program. Mrs. Ishamma, Mrs. Mariamma were also present for the seminar. Mr. Arogyappa anchored the entire program. Poor Women were motivated to do self-employment to become financially stable and to fulfill the need of their family members as well as to provide better education to their children. Nearly 196 women benefited from this program.

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