Mercy Kit Distributed to 200 poor families at St. Clare of Assisi Church Pothnal:

“Great Satisfaction comes from sharing with others”
Vimukti Charitable Trust® in collaboration with Divine Mercy Retreat Centre of St. Anne's Friary under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Paul Melwyn guardian launched 'Mercy Walk', 'Karuneya Nadige', 'Kakultichim Pavlam.’ To make it concrete, the guardian introduced to people the concept of 'Mercy Kit', preparing a kit which contains essential groceries worth Rs 1,000-It was distributed to the 200 very poor families at St. Clare of Assisi Church Pothnal.

We the St. Clare of Assisi Parish people are very grateful to all the Divine Mercy core committee, OFS Members and members of St. Padre Pio group and Vimukti Charitable Trust group Israel for your timely and generous support and help towards these poor families. May God bless your generosity in hundredfold, families gathered to express their deep gratitude to you and your families.

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