Training on Carrier Guidance to Youths: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal organized training on carrier guidance to youths of the project area, on 15th February 2021, at Vimukti premises. The base line of the workshop was to help prospective generation to understand their hidden talent in an advanced way. Youths are not useless but they are used less. They are the future leaders and rulers of our nation. There are many ways to spoil their skills and talents in this world. Media plays vital role in the part of exploiting youth of today. We have the responsibility to channelize them with proper way. The resource person Mr. Saver KDDC Karwar motivated the youth to achieve their goals by facing the challenges bravely. Along with that the practical tips and examples were given to the youths about entrepreneurship, appearing for the competitive exams, lucrative courses, and the skills for facing the interviews. Nearly 101 youths attended and benefitted from this training.

Core Objective:
To Empower 300 youths of vulnerable families to have an income source for basic needs of life by imparting vocational training skills.

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