A library to cultivate a love for books: “to provide alternative to smart phones and gadgets and develop a reading habit”…Vimukti Pothnal

Books soothe us, help us get through a rough patch and open our eyes to better understand the world. Therefore, it is essential to surround children with books to ensure that they become educated and not just literate. It was these thoughts that motivated Fr. Sathish Fernandes to set up a library in the Vimukti center Pothnal. During the covid- induced lockdown, when many public libraries suffered setbacks and even closures, Vimukti saw it as an opportunity to encourage children to develop a reading habit. Vimukti centre has set up modest library with chairs and tables ensured that all the safety measures were in place at the library. The library currently has books on science, general knowledge, child rights, as well as story book for children. There are biographies and books on great Indian leaders like Ambedkar, Abdul kalam, M.Gandihji, savitribai Phule, Bhagat singh and others inspiring children are placed.

Vimukti aims are to make life long readers out of children, also we wanted to provide alternative to smart phones and gadgets and develop a reading culture among the children. Children are showing lot of interest in reading. This has helped them keep in touch with studies even when their schools were shut during COVID-19.

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