Timely intervention of Mrs. Ishamma Vimukti leader… my burden was lightened

I am Mrs Basamma wife of Mr Timmappa residing in Sunkanur of Manvi Taluka. We belong to lower caste society and our financial condition is worst to think of. We have three sons and they have gone to Bangalore for daily wage earning. Here I live with my husband.

From the past ten years we used to get Rs 1000 per month under a special Govt scheme. We used to manage with that money for our daily sustenance. But since last eight months due to Corona pandemic the pension which I used to get was withheld by the Govt. We had hard times to manage during the pandemic. Even our sons could not help us in our needs. I shared my difficulties with Mrs. Ishamma Vimukti leader who is also living in our village and with her own expenses took me to the different offices to claim my pension. We went to the bank, post office, revenue department but in spite of meeting the members in the office they didn’t respond positively for our need. It was painful to see the reactions of the officers. We wanted to know who is mishandling the amount that was due to me. In the process of finding out the person it was the post man who was deliberately denied that the money hasn’t come and has used the money for him since past five months. It was the hard effort to follow up done by Mrs. Ishamma. We got around five thousand rupees of five months all together and it was a great help in the time of dire need. I am ever grateful to her for timely intervention and help. I remain ever indebted to her.

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